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Property & Conveyancing Law

Property & Conveyancing Law

Dealing with property related transactions can become daunting if you do not have the experience in maneuvering through the various legal aspects of property matters.

We cater to all kinds of properties, be it residential houses, factories or large commercial spaces. Our lawyers will advise you in all the regulatory dealings like taxation, stamp duty, development approvals, planning regulation certificates and deposited plans etc.

Our property lawyers will thoroughly assist you in managing your transactions with the bank, the real estate agent or any other party involved with the property under consideration.

Our experienced conveyancing lawyers will help you with the purchase or sale of a property or business in the most hassle free manner possible. We will extend the best negotiating support in such transactions. Not only this, we will also assist you in transfer of ownership, title search requests, survivorship applications post the death of an adjoining property owner, documentation and investments.

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