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Rectification Lawyers for Not At Fault or At Fault customers

As a Not-at-fault or At Fault driver, you are entitled to have your vehicle repaired at a fair and reasonable cost which will be fully paid by the at-fault party or your own insurance. However, it does not mean that you have to accept and settle with the repair job if you are not satisfied with it. Most insurance recommended repairers work on a contractual basis i.e they only get paid certain amount irrespective of the quantum of the damage. In order to increase their profit the insurance recommended repairers cut their costs by using second hand or refurbished parts. They also cut corners to save labor by not following the exact procedure set out by the manufacturer or Industry. Sometimes flaws in work are so serious that it may risk the lives of you and your loved ones. In case you find the repairs were defective or wrongly carried out, under Australian Consumer Law, you can seek rectification of the bad repair work.

Our rectification lawyers will help you get the correct repairs done for your vehicle, and also at an optimum time period. You can also claim for a replacement vehicle while the rectification work is carried out. We leave no room for sub-standard repairs and ensure that your car is restored to its pre-accident condition so that you are back to your regular routine without any worries or risk to your family.

How do we do it:-
1. Let us know your objection and share with us photographs of the defective repairs,
2. We arrange for an assessor to check your vehicle for those defects
3. We liaise with the original repairer and the insurer
4. We get your vehicle repaired properly by either your preferred repairer or we can help you choose one.

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